Expert Advice On Why You Should Make Homemade Soap

I am a Stay-At-Home Mom (SAHM) and have been searching for ways on how to save on some of our expenses and on how to earn an extra income. A friend introduced to me a homemade natural soap that she sells online. It looks and smells so natural. I tried it right away and after a month of usage I witnessed amazing results on my skin. Then, I evaluated how making homemade soaps (just like my friend) can benefit me and my family in the long run – financially, physically and socially. Later, I thought why not make homemade soap?

handmade natural soap

Save that Extra Cent
Making your own soap will save you a lot since you have control on what ingredients to include. You can make enough for your family’s needs for a month or mass produce for a whole year supply. And, come to think of it commercial soaps have many add-on costs aside from its ingredients – labor costs, packaging and overhead expenses. Since you are making it in the convenience of your own home you are saving some of the manufacturing costs tremendously.

Soaps for Sale
As you continue making homemade soaps for your personal consumption you’ll surely consider producing homemade soaps for business purposes. Various soap making kits and soap making recipes are available online for your reference as a starter. Then, let your creativity flow by crafting your own secret recipe, and experimenting on different ratio and proportion of the raw materials. With this, making homemade soaps is like hitting two birds with one stone – for personal utilization and for extra means of income.

Cheers to Healthy Skin
Commercial soaps are soap aesthetically but are actually detergents within. A detergent is petroleum-based which results in drying and tightening of your skin. On the other hand, with the use of homemade soaps you are sure of cleansing and moisturizing your skin with organic resources. The closer your pieces of body care are to nature the healthier you become. Nothing is as nourishing as homemade soaps since you can customize your soap making recipes in a manner that will suit your skin types and needs.

Unleash the Natural You
I believe in the formula, skin + handmade natural soap = beauty + confidence. Handmade natural soaps have ample amount of glycerin compared to commercial soaps. Glycerin draws moisture to your skin. In the process of making commercial soaps manufacturers remove the glycerin from the soaps so that they can use it in the production of their other products, such as lotion, moisturizer and the like. Hence, making your own soap assures you of a natural glow because you are using a glycerin-rich homemade soap.

soap making kits

Surprise your Loved Ones
Another benefit you can get out of making homemade soaps is that you will have on-hand gifts for your close friends and relatives. Sharing your homemade soaps is like touching their life by presenting to them its benefits. You can be as creative and as experimental as you desire. You can come up with several colors and shapes, and wrap it in the most presentable way. No other gift is as special and heart-warming like personalized handmade soaps.

When you make homemade soap it is an ideal way of spending your time alone or with your family at home. Its benefit can range from a simple hobby to a fancy money-making industry; and/or, from a regular pampering of yourself to sharing it with people who you think needs and deserves its advantages like you do. Have fun, profit, share and make your own homemade soaps now!